FasterLap - connect with your need for speed! FasterLap is the #1 destination online and at the track for track enthusiasts!

Why FasterLap?

FasterLap is your destination for high quality “insider” track-related information - by track enthusiasts, for track enthusiasts! Quickly and easily find everything you need for your motorsports passion, all in one place! We understand you want to make the most of your track budget and your time at the track. FasterLap answers all the questions every track enthusiast asks:

  1. What track events, races, and other motorsports events are happening in my local area?
  2. Where are the best driving roads (for real track junkies) in my area?
  3. Where are the best and most recommended motorsport-related shops & service providers nearby that I can trust?
  4. What hotel do I stay at, and where are the best places to eat & hang out at the events I am going to?

FasterLap was started by two track junkies who live in Silicon Valley, CA. They had a serious need for speed and loved driving on the track together. Working hard all day at their day jobs didn't leave them much time to go to the track. They needed to find high quality, reliable track-related information so they could plan out their track season and maximize their track budget. They searched online far and wide, but couldn't find any trustworthy sources for the answers to the their most basic questions about local tracks, upcoming track days, upcoming social events, and trustworthy motorsport-related businesses, and other businesses related to the automotive lifestyle (watches, driving vacations, etc). So, they decided to combine their love for technology and driving, and created FasterLap and are now sharing it with you.

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Who is FasterLap for?

FasterLap is for people who are passionate about driving at the track and the automotive lifestyle.

  1. Do you take the long way to work in order to practice apexing corners, heel-toe downshifting, and trail braking?
  2. Do you have track photos all around your office and as the wallpaper for your work computer?
  3. Do you consider getting rid of your car's back seats a "light modification" to your car?
  4. Do you often ask your significant other to take a separate car for better cornering & weight savings?
  5. Do you die a little on the inside every time you see a beautiful supercar being destroyed in a movie?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, FasterLap is for YOU!!

FasterLap is not for everyone. Track junkies are not "average"/"normal" people, and it is important to mention what FasterLap is NOT:

  1. A news site about automotive news, racing news, spy shots of future cars, etc.
  2. A blog/forum for comments and opinions about the automotive industry (there are plenty of those already).
  3. A discussion forum to only *talk* about cars, car brands, and post pictures of your car (FasterLap is for driving, not just talking).
  4. A place for people who think cars are just for transportation, and would never buy anything other than a Toyota Camry, Prius, or Corolla.
  5. A place for people who only like to look at their cars, and never aspire to experience driving them to their limit.
What is FasterLap?

FasterLap is more than just a website or an online community. Cutting edge real-time, location-based technology is the foundation of FasterLap. Instead of just displaying a schedule of upcoming events, or a list of highly rated auto service shops, FasterLap does location-based searches of what tracks, events, and businesses are closest to you (or any set location) and arranges them by distance from you (or the set location). The high quality and relevance of the data is one of the key ingredients of why this is useful for track junkies.

FasterLap arranges everything you need in one place and lets you spend less time online and more time on the track. Gone are the days of combing through forums and websites to get information about a track, event, or local area information - FasterLap brings it all together. Only the highest quality information and reviews are allowed on FasterLap, so you can rest assured you are making the best choices to maximize your track budget for your season.

How people use FasterLap

Name: Derek

Use case: I set my location to my home address - W 80 Street, New York, NY 10001

"I have been going to track events for 5 years, and am hooked. I count down the days until track season begins and try to attend as many events as I can without getting fired from my job ;). I use FasterLap to find 'FasterLap approved' tuning shops and parts suppliers closest to my house in order to get my BMW M3 and my Porsche 944 track-ready before the season begins. I love how FasterLap shows me the shops nearby and sorts them by distance from my house, it really saves me time."

Name: Steve

Use case: I set my location to my destination track - Monterey, CA

"I live in Nevada and am planning a trip with my wife to northern California (we are driving there in my 911 Turbo). I am going to attend a track event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca while my wife tours the vineyards with her friends. I have never been to Laguna Seca before so I don't know anything about the Monterrey area. I am using FasterLap to find where to stay, where to eat, where to get 100 octane gas, and where to get my tires, pads, and oil change before/after the event."

Name: Kyle

Use case: I set my location to my home track - New Jersey Motorsports Park

"I live in NJ and go to NJMP all the time. I am pretty familiar with the area and stuff near the track. So, I've submitted my favorite places to FasterLap to help out the community. It can be a real disaster to take your car to a bad shop, I learned the hard way. I also use FasterLap to keep up to date with track events for BMW, Audi, and PCA so I don't have to go to dozens of websites and search all over the internet to find schedules and event info. I am always on the lookout for the newest parts suppliers and specialty shops because I love to work on my car, and I do all my own performance mods."

Name: Stacey

Use case: I set my location to the next track in my race schedule - Homestead Miami Speedway

"I am part of a GRAND-AM racing team, and I use FasterLap to make plans for our team as we travel to different venues. I use it to: plan where our team will stay, eat, fuel up, hold meetings, and purchase supplies. It is an essential tool for planning our race season and getting all the equipment and people from on track to another, on time, and as smoothly as possible. FasterLap is essential for us. Without FasterLap, I would have no way of getting the reliable local area information the team needs for each race."

FasterLap Web + Mobile Experience

The FasterLap Web + Mobile Experiences are coming very soon. It is going thru some final shakedown testing before it is ready to go live! Click here to sign up to get notified when it is ready. You will need a JavaScript-enabled web browser to access the Web experience. Feel free to use the browser of your choice: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera. And for the Mobile experience, look for it on Android4/ICS smartphones and tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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